“After suffering a stroke I had my driving license taken from me which was devastating as I care for my wife who suffers from dementia.  On the advice of my brother I arranged an appointment with Geoff McConville.  I had my peripheral vision tested with some impressive equipment and was stunned to hear that my vision was in fact good enough to pass the DVLA criteria to get my license back!

Geoff immediately referred me to an ophthalmologist who was very positive about everything and I then had a peripheral vision test repeated at the hospital.  I nearly died when he told me that he had decided not to support my reapplication for my license.  I went straight back to Geoff and told him what had happened.  He immediately called another specialist doctor on his mobile who confirmed that my peripheral vision met the standards required by the DVLA for a license.  He wrote the letter to the DVLA.  By the time the DVLA contacted me my cataracts had developed so much that I could not read the numberplate of the car parked in the carpark!  I contacted Geoff again and he quickly referred me to an eye specialist for cataract surgery.  My vision was as good as new after that and my license appeared shortly afterwards.  Thanks to Geoff my self-confidence is now back and I can care for my wife knowing I have the car for important runs.”  – J.S Portadown


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