“I went to see my GP about terrible pain in the front and temple of my head and he referred me to Geoff McConville Opticians for a full eye examination.  I was examined by both optometrists  -Helen Kerr and Geoff McConville.  Geoff ran his finger down the temple of my head and the pain was so intense I nearly jumped out of the chair.  Geoff immediately suspected a condition called ‘temporal arteritis’ and rang an ophthalmologist right there and then at the RVH.  He was told it was not bad enough to be seen immediately but this did not deter Geoff.  He went through a personal list of numbers on his phone of eye specialists in the area until he spoke with one who, even though he was out shopping, agreed to see me right away in the Mater hospital.

The ophthalmologist arranged a temporal artery biopsy and the diagnosis of temporal arteritis was confirmed.  I now have to take steroids for this condition but without the persistence and intervention of Geoff McConville Opticians I was told that I would have lost the sight in my eye.” – N.M Cultra


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