Hearing tests in Belfast

hearing test in belfast

Geoff McConville Hearing Care is an independent hearing practice based in Chichester Street, a central area of Belfast. We provide professional hearing tests in Belfast as well as ear wax removal, digital hearing aids and ear protection.

Our centre of excellence is based in a quiet practice where we have soundproof facilities to ensure our measures are carried out to the highest standards. As an independent practice, we are committed to understanding the hearing industry to the highest standard to give unequivocal service and after care.

Thompson Hearing Tests in Belfast

We know how important every precious moment is with your loved ones. We strongly believe that everyone should enjoy the delight of hearing and live their life without limitations. Unlike our competitors and other high-street companies, we have no ties to any one manufacturer. We want you to hear the best you can and will offer unbiased advice on which products are best suited to your needs.

In addition to professional hearing tests in Belfast we also run a specialist tinnitus treatment clinic. The outlook for people with tinnitus is usually very good. Even though, tinnitus can be an unwelcome, uninvited annoyance, the good news is that with the correct help and time, the intrusive and distressing nature of tinnitus can be greatly reduced or even totally eliminated enabling one to lead a happy and tinnitus free life.

Musicians, industrial workers, shooting enthusiasts, motorsport workers and anyone else regularly in a noisy environment should be protecting their ears before it is too late and irreversible damage occurs. Our Custom Fit hearing protectors are ideal for any environment where hearing damage may be possible. We have a range of different acoustic ceramic filters, each with slightly different characteristics depending on your noise environment to help prevent hearing loss or damage.

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Posted on June 14, 2018 in Hearing Clinic Belfast

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